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My essay, Attached — on blankies, attachment theory, total depravity and aging — was posted on The Twelve blog this weekend. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to be a part of The Twelve’s community, even more grateful if somehow the words in my head connect to something in your heart.

Here’s a preview:

“I remember a pastor once telling me that children who have an attachment item — a blankie, a teddy, a snuggly — are more likely to grow up to believe in God, to grow up to have faith.

I’m sure this is a very slimmed down, oversimplified understanding of attachment theory, but I would think of it often when my boys were babies, when I was tucking them in at night, placing that blanket next to their arms, even if the parenting manuals — which I read cover-to-cover before my first child and accessed only by index and emergency with my second and third — said absolutely nothing should be with an infant in the crib.”

You can read the entire essay here.


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